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Michel Design Works UK Luxurious Bath & Body Products

We sell Michel Design Works,  Bath and Body - Foaming Hand Soaps, Hand and Body Lotions, Large Soap Bars, Decoupage Metal Trays, Coaster, Table mats and great luxurious gift sets. Michel Design Works Luxurious bath & Body Products  &  Made in England from natural botanical ingredients.

Please don't forget to visit our shop regularly as we are adding new season Luxurious bath & Body Products from Michel Design Works everyday. Espeically our Foaming Hand Soaps are very popular.


Botanical Garden Foaming Hand Soap, Fuchsia Foaming Hand Soap, Hummingbird Foaming Hand Soap, Lemon Basil Foaming Hand Soap, Magnolia Foaming Hand Soap, Neroli Foaming Hand Soap, Peony Foaming Hand Soap, Romance Foaming Hand Soap, Seashore Foaming Hand Soap

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