Funda Hocaoglu Fnd Print and promotions

FND Print & Promotions creates specialised business marketing and media products, its strength being specialised on customised high quality business cards and promotional items. These stationery products are for business-to-business communication, as well as business-to-client communication. 

The owner of FND Print & Promotions Funda Hocaoglu was a chambers of certified public accountants in Turkey. She has maintained her positions at the corporate level while she had her marketing background. Her expertise and passion lies in brand marketing, accounts and database management, personalised promotional marketing and internet marketing. She believes Her knowledge, experience, and contacts will change the traditional printers operation; she will offer commercial printing prices to the retail customers with a self-design touch. Customer will experience designing their own colours, fonts and graphics comfort of their home and will receive their personalised products within 2-3 working days as well as next day delivery options on some product lines.

Core product of the company is any shape die-cut customised fridge magnets. They are known as one of the most effective promotional products. These personalised fridge magnets are often called promotional fridge magnets, magnetic business cards or advertising refrigerator magnets. They offer a company or organisation a way to convey information to a selected group of people. Fridge magnets are a great way to promote any business and keep Customers Company or name in front of their target. They are great for restaurants, takeaways, estate agents, insurance companies, plumbers, electricians, tradesmen, hospitals, schools and much more. 

Fnd Print and Promotions aims to help the society

braille images

A person with sight impairment, may feel frustrated and ashamed when handing over inaccessible business cards to visually impaired people, and also the frustration of receiving business cards which she couldn't read, thereby losing contact with people she knows she could do business with. This is why FND print & Promotions decided to offer Braille printing on most of the products. Braille, also known as Braille printing or a Braille transcription is a tactile writing system used by people who are blind, low vision and with sight impairment. It is traditionally written with embossed paper. Also our company aims to donate some percentage from every online sales.Please visit our donation page to see the details. All you need to do is decide which charity you want to donate and choose it on your checkout so will do the rest and email you the proof.